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    Ready For Tukey Day? Craft a Succulent-Topped Pumpkin Centerpiece!

    Craft a Succulent-Topped Pumpkin Centerpiece

    Easily turn a faux or fresh pumpkin into a rustic planter for assorted succulents. Surrounded by other fall elements, this garden craft makes a gorgeous living centerpiece for your fall or Thanksgiving table.

    Materials Needed:

    • live or faux pumpkins and/or squash
    • variety of succulents (small ones with a “rosette” shape, like echeveria, are best)
    • sphagnum moss
    • spray adhesive
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • scissors or pruning shears

    Attach Moss to Pumpkin

    Coat top of pumpkin with spray adhesive (Image 1). Gently pull moss apart into clumps that are at least 1/2″ thick (Image 2) and stick to pumpkin where glue was applied (Image 3).

    Clip Succulents

    Clip several succulent rosettes, each attached to 1-2 inches of stem, off plant with scissors or pruning shears. Choose a variety of succulent textures, sizes and colors to create visual interest.

    Glue Succulents to Moss

    Preheat hot glue gun. Once hot, apply dabs of glue to the underside of each rosette, avoiding adding glue to the stem itself so the succulent can better take root (Image 1). Press each succulent into moss and hold in place until glue has cooled. Repeat until desired look for arrangement is achieved (Images 2 and 3).

    Enjoy Your Long-Lasting Centerpiece

    Display your completed centerpiece in a sunny location along with other fall elements like pinecones, nuts in shell and gourds. Spritz succulents and moss with water weekly to keep them from drying out. Moss can later be separated from pumpkin and healthy succulents can be propagated and/or replanted.

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