A Legacy in Rock history lives on…

    Heather & Kris Shook of the Shook Home Group at Keller Williams has had the pleasure and honor representing the Cobain family in the sale of their original family home, where Kurt spent his childhood and majority of his teenage years. He’s played music in almost every room of the house, quite literally starting with a ‘garage band’ in this very home. His uncle Clark (who still lives close by and has been a primary caretaker of the home in recent years) shared stories with us of Kurt playing private concerts for the family in the living room growing up.  Uncle Clark admitted at the time thinking some of the music he played seemed so advanced, but how much he’s loved listening to it ever since. The conversations with his family painted the picture of some of the happiest times in his life; growing up with his sisters, working on home renovation projects with his father, and banging around on the piano that had belonged to his Great-grandmother. Christmas and other holiday memories here are carefully preserved in their hearts and the family’s treasured photos.  It was the beginning, this loving home environment that shaped him, encouraged his talents and love of music that would reflect his future influence on the rest of us.

    The family had expressed specific desires for the outcome of the home to honor his legacy, plans that mirrored Kurt’s own ideas that he had originally shared with his mother Wendy and sisters Kim & Olivia many years ago.

    Kurt’s childhood home has remained virtually unchanged since he lived there. The very same curtains are hung, and original floral carpeting remain in the family’s kitchen, still featuring the very popular at the time, yellow cabinetry.  The solid wood table and chairs Kurt and his family surrounded countless times, including the memories captured on film with him blowing out his birthday candles in the dining room is still…. just so.

    His personal artwork, drawn on the walls of the upstairs bedroom he spent so many hours in, unaltered after all this time, adds just that much more to the story of his life there.  Giving a window to his is teenage years and the music and events that impacted his creativity and passion into what would later become part of his persona & talent as the lead singer of the band Nirvana.

    During our time with the family and personal visits to the home, we were able to witness the reliable occurrence of those who came from miles around (including Brazil & New Zealand!) who arrived just to simply stand at the street, perhaps right over the footsteps of where Kurt had walked many times, just to take in and appreciate the presence that still lingers there. The looks on their faces and some that we had conversations with, you could tell it really had a deep meaning to make that trip. Maybe something different to each one, but that just being there, so close to his home added to some experience Kurt had given them during his life through his words or music. It is an incredible piece of rock history, this time capsule that is just meant to be preserved with the family legacy as it lives on through so many.

    The home has now officially sold in April 2018, and I am sure fans everywhere want to know…. what happens now?

    I will simply share this… you better stay tuned, because you will not be disappointed!

    We would like to thank the Cobain family for their trust in us and choosing our Team to represent their wishes with such an important and significant part of their lives.

    “It has been a gift to be a part of this transition of rock history, and to be able to connect the dots by finding the right buyer who’s plans are aligned with the family’s wishes.” – Heather Karl-Shook

    You may take a virtual tour of the home HERE.

    Heather & Kris Shook 253-237-4068 ShookHomeGroup.com  ShookSells.com


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