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University Place Real Estate

With the Tacoma border to the east and the Puget Sound to the west, University Place has become one of the most desirable cities for people moving to Washington. The city is just about 24 years old as it was incorporated back in August 1995. Prior to that is was still considered part of Tacoma.

It has recently found its place on the map as the fairly new local golf course has hosted numerous major tournaments. Boasting clean neighborhoods, great water & mountain views, and more, both visitors and those who reside here enjoy each day they spend in this town.

Quite simply, people love living in University Place, which is lovingly known by many residents as U.P. Below are the main reasons why people love this city and all it has to offer them

1. People of University Place, WA

The city of University Place has a total coverage area of about 8.56 square miles. It is a concentrated residential town with comfortable, clean communities and some great people living there.

University Place population numbers have reached around 32,500 people, with a local median age of about 37 years old. The area has been growing slowly with slightly less than 6,000 people moving to University Place since the 1990s.

2. Beaches, Parks, & Apple Orchards

Home to a variety of outdoor activities, you’ll never have to wonder about what to do in University Place. One of the most popular places to hang out around town is Titlow Beach Park, a rocky beach setting with lots of opportunities to spot sea life like starfish, periwinkles, and jellyfish. There is also a boardwalk to walk or ride your bike, as well as a playground and trails through the nearby woods.

3. Things to Do & Restaurants in University Place

Interested to know if there are any other fun things to do in University Place? Golfers will be in heaven with the Chambers Bay Golf Course, an award-winning course that has spectacular views of the Puget Sound and has hosted major tournaments including U.S. Open Championships. And sharing similar sights from right down the road, you can also visit the Chambers Bay Park where you’ll find 930 acres of hiking trails, beaches, and other open activities.

Chambers Bay Golf Course

Chambers Bay Park

Whole Foods Market

Lefty’s Burger Shack

Boathouse 19

Gyro Grill Mediterranean Cuisine

Bliss Small Batch Creamery

4. University Place, WA Cost of Living

The cost of living in University Place has some ups and downs when the numbers are set up next to those of Washington and the United States. Home utilities cost about 31% less than the U.S. average. And when it comes to healthcare, you’ll typically see about 20% savings compared to the rest of the country.

Are you thinking of buying a house in town? The average price of a home in University Place is $590,730, with a hot market rise of 24.7% in the last 12 months and projections to go up another 6.2% in the same amount of time. If you’re interested in finding current homes for sale in University Place, there are numerous options to accommodate most budgets.

Almost half of the local population leases their living spaces in this city. The average price of rent in University Place varies between $1,775 per month for a single bedroom up to about $2,730 per month for a five-bedroom home. These amounts are about 16% lower than the average for the surrounding Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area.

5. Great Neighborhoods in University Place

As you’re looking for homes around town, you’ll also want to do research on the best University Place neighborhoods. Great options are available all over the city such as Peach Acres, which can be found at the southernmost part of town. There are also beautiful homes next to the Chambers Bay Golf Course, as well as Sunset Beach and in The Knolls along the border of Tacoma

6. University Place Schools

Part of their own University Place School District, local schools provide education to more than 5,100 children living in the city. Options for primary and middle school-aged kids include Evergreen Primary School, Sunset Primary School, and Curtis Junior High School. Curtis Senior High is the city’s only high school, but neighboring cities offer additional options for those living closer to the edges of town.

And though the University of Puget Sound is only a few miles away, there is no university in University Place. One was originally meant to be built in the area, but the land was sold back to the city instead.

7. Jobs in University Place

Even though this area is mostly residential with only a few local companies to be found, you’ll still find some good University Place jobs to choose from. The area has a median household income of $64,883.

Top employers in University Place include the local school district, Fred Meyer stores, as well as the Pierce County Government with multiple offices in town. The Franciscan Medical Clinic also provides multiple opportunities to healthcare personnel who are looking for a job in town.

Many people living in University Place also commute to Tacoma for work as it’s only about 6 miles away.

8. Weather in University Place

If you’re new to the northwest Pacific area, you’re in for a unique climate compared to other parts of the country. University Place weather has summers that are short, warm, and a bit dry, with temperatures ranging between the mid-50s and average highs around 75°F. Winters tend to be a bit longer and wetter with fairly cold temps in the upper 30s and 40s.